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Alopecia Areata, the Story Behind the Ordeal

Alopecia is the umbrella term for hair loss. There are many types of alopecia, ranging from environmental factors to genetic factors.  Alopecia areata or patchy baldness is a condition that causes hair to fall in small patches. It may be unnoticeable but when the patches connect, then it will seem noticeable.  The bald patches can […]

COVID-19: Severity and New Gene Variants

Previously, we have discussed gene variants in interleukins, HLA and CD14. We now know how these variants may affect the severity of COVID-19 infection among different individuals. In this current article, we will look at other gene variants that may increase the risk of COVID-19 severity.  READ ALSO: How Genes Make Us More Susceptible To […]

A Walk Through Autoimmune Disorder

The human body is a haven for life. It is much like a prosperous country prone to attack throughout the entire life. Every minute of every day, trillions of the tiniest cells are working all the time to help keep our body healthy. Our amazing immune system knows just what to do. However, it is […]

The CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing System

Every cell in our body contains a copy of our genome. The human genome comprises over 20,000 genes and three billion letters of DNA. Human DNA consists of two strands, twisted into a double helix and held together by a simple pairing rule (A pairs with T, and G pairs with C).  Our genes shape […]

Top 5 Nutrient Deficiency in Older Adults

Age is one of the main factors affecting an individual’s nutrients requirement. In fact, older adults are at a greater risk of deficiency for specific nutrients. Due to the aging process, older adults often experience a decline in various physiological functions; for example reduced lean body mass, which results in decreased basal metabolic rate, lowered […]

The COVID-19 Vaccination And Kids

As of March 2021, COVID-19 has affected over 200,000 kids in South Asia, as reported by UNICEF5. With unprecedented efforts, the COVID-19 vaccination was finally authorized in adults and the healthy elderly. However, COVID-19 vaccination in kids was still delayed. How would it be possible for the world to socially and economically recover from this […]

Safety Tips For Ramadan During COVID-19

The Holy month of Ramadan is finally here! It is an auspicious festival for millions of Muslims worldwide to celebrate through dawn to dusk fasting, religious gatherings for breaking fast, and prayer to the Almighty for self-reflection. However, most Muslims can only celebrate this Islamic holy festival under a movement control order due to the […]

The Genetics of Reading Ability

To most of us, reading is an automatic process. After learning at a young age, we quite literally never stop reading. Identifying, understanding, and interpreting written words on a page are as important in our daily lives as eating or sleeping. Being able to process words within a short period of time is a common […]

Cognitive Ability & Your Genes

Introduction When we think about what makes a person intelligent, we usually think about academic success or logical thinking. However, there are many ways someone can be intelligent. This is explained by cognition, i.e., the ability to understand and use knowledge. In a world where anything can be looked up on Google, being able to […]

Effects of MCO On Kids With Autism

In its 4-week run, the second Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) has affected every Malaysian of all backgrounds. With schools shut down for most of 2020, the shift to online classes has been set in stone for most students. Having all classes online with no certain date of returning to face-to-face classes has brought up […]