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Beginning Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting – what is it? Intermittent fasting emerged for a long time and received much positive feedback because of its potential health benefits. It was one of the most searched terms for weight loss in 2019. In fact, intermittent fasting has earned its reputations and turned into one of the popular trends in the […]

Why Is Malaysia Adding Iodine To Salt?

On 25th September 2020, the Health director-general of Malaysia, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, announced the implementation of iodised salt throughout Malaysia, further stating that they will be banning all salt without iodine. But why? According to the nationwide study on iodine deficiency disorder (IDD), it has been found that 48.2% of school-going children […]

Fight Or Flight Response & Your Genes

Fight! Run! How will you ACTUALLY respond in the face of imminent danger? That is the question we always ask ourselves when we watch movies. Many of us would bravely say “I will FIGHT for the life of me!” while some would logically argue “I will RUN for the life of me!“. Well, truth be […]

How Your Genes Affect Your Skin Tone

Our skin consists of many melanocytes which are specialised cells that produce melanin. What is Melanin? It is a pigment that gives colour to our skin, hair, and eyes. There are 2 forms of melanin – eumelanin and pheomelanin. The amount of melanin your body produces helps to determine your skin tone. Those with more […]

How Type 2 Diabetes Affects Sports Recovery

Type 2 diabetes prevalence has been on the rise in the past decade. Various studies have looked into ways to prevent and manage diabetes, and some into curing it. Recent studies are shedding more light on the question of why does this disorder occurs in the first place. Some studies even show that certain ethnic […]

The ABCs of Hepatitis

Another day another disease gets the spotlights. At the time of writing, COVID-19 is still rampant around the world. All the focus goes into COVID and people start to forget that there are still various other viruses and diseases looming around. One prevalent disease, or rather a class of diseases, is Hepatitis. What exactly is […]

Gluten Sensitivity, Is It Just In Your Head?

What do you think of when you hear the word gluten? For many of us, we are just reminded of the uprising of gluten-free diets endorsed by various public figures and celebrities. They swear upon various health benefits from avoiding gluten, giving rise to the trend of gluten-free food products being marketed these days. Yet, […]

Malaysians And Non-Communicable Diseases

World Population Day is around the corner and it is time to cherish the achievements of mankind as well as highlight the rising global issues this year. The dawn of COVID-19 brought upon an unforeseen event of economic depression as well as urged us to reevaluate multiple aspects of our lifestyle. The current age of […]

The Secret to Glowing Skin: Antioxidants

Skin. The largest organ of our body and most of the time, its importance does not match up to its priority. Granted that skincare routines are taking on a more vital role in the lives of people but are they getting its due credit? Skincare, most time, is looked upon as more of a beauty […]