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Facts about FAT – what are they for?

You might be one of the people who runs away whenever you see the word ‘fat’ in any foods. They might have a bad reputation, but they are not useless for us – in fact, we need fat to survive! Fats have more functions than you think! 1. Source of Energy Fat is an important […]

Control your salt intake!

Do you often feel thirsty after eating a meal outside, or after having a pack of potato chips? This is probably because the food is too salty. If you frequently experience this, your salt intake may be too high! The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily salt intake of less than 5 gram (1 […]

Alcohol – why do we get drunk?

Other than the Asian flush, getting drunk is another issue that we might face if we drink too much. But have you ever wondered how does alcohol make us feel tipsy and drunk? What does alcohol do to us? After having an alcoholic drink, our bodies absorb alcohol in our stomach and small intestine. It […]

The Genes Behind Lactose Intolerance

Malaysians have such a strong coffee-drinking culture, which is a stark contrast to our milk-drinking culture. Let’s explore lactose intolerance and what you could do it you are lactose intolerant. What is Lactose Intolerance? Lactose is a type of carbohydrate, which is present in milk or any dairy products. It is normally broken down by […]

Asian Flush – What is it? 🤔

Oh, I have Asian Flush, which means my liver is working fine! And I have good circulation!! These are the MYTHS that are circulating around all of us. Did you know that, about 50% of the Japanese, Korean, Northeastern Chinese individuals experience Asian Flush, aka Alcohol Flush Reaction, after drinking. What is Asian Flush? Asian […]