Inner Potential

The Genetics of Reading Ability

To most of us, reading is an automatic process. After learning at a young age, we quite literally never stop reading. Identifying, understanding, and interpreting written words on a page are as important in our daily lives as eating or sleeping. Being able to process words within a short period of time is a common […]

Cognitive Ability & Your Genes

Introduction When we think about what makes a person intelligent, we usually think about academic success or logical thinking. However, there are many ways someone can be intelligent. This is explained by cognition, i.e., the ability to understand and use knowledge. In a world where anything can be looked up on Google, being able to […]

How Our Genes Affect Our Creativity

If you’ve ever had to find answers to complex problems, chances are you’ve also experienced a “Eureka!” or “Aha!” moment while you’re solving. This feeling is actually a creative cognitive thought process called insight problem solving (IPS).  As an ‘all-at-once’ process rather than trial-and-error, IPS is important in our everyday activities and socialisations, such as […]

Is your Learning Ability Determined by​ your DNA?

What is a learning ability? Learning ability defined as is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing behaviours, preferences, values, skils, or knowledge. Also known as the human mental ability to learn or retain new knowledge. Your genetics load the gun.Your life pulls the trigger. Dr. Mehmet Oz Mental ability presented through the smart behaviour of an […]