Precision Medicine – From Treatment to Prevention

The key to personlised medicine is precision in diagnosis Dr Sundardas D Annamalay, CEO Sundardas naturopathic clinic It was my pleasure to attend the Precision Medicine For Malaysia workshop on the 28th of November, 2019. Precision medicine is a dynamic field that integrates the latest research advances with clinical treatment. It aims to treat the […]

Digital Health – Treatment To Prevention‚Äč

Did you know that nowadays you can consult doctors online? You can also update your doctor about your health status through an app at your convenience! These are the foundation of digital health. What is digital health? Digital health, also known as e-health, is a growing industry that uses the convergence of technology and healthcare […]

Introduction to Genetics and DNA

Recently, we spoke to Dr Ng Zhi Xiang about how our genes may be responsible for certain diseases. With more than 10 years of experience in research, Dr Ng is an expert in linking genetics to diseases. From our conversation with Dr Ng, it seems obvious that genetics are indeed responsible for many of the […]

Eat Smart, Live Smart For A Better Lifestyle

How to optimize your nutrition and improve your lifestyle? Our first live webinar, titled “Eat Smart, Live Smart”, was organized in collaboration with Alpro Plus Pharmacy, on 18th Oct 2018 (Thurs) from 8.30pm to 9.30pm! This webinar was hosted by Ms Chew Yen Ping, pharmacist and co-founder of Advanx Health, together with Mr Travis Foo, […]