Genes associated‚Äč with high cholesterol

Just did your annual health check and found that you have high cholesterol? Did you know your genes may affect your cholesterol levels? Continue reading on to learn the different factors that contributes to high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a wax-like substance found in all around our body. Contrary to popular belief, our body actually needs […]

Durians – how nutritious are they?

Crowned as the ‘King of Fruits’, durian is arguably the most iconic fruit of Malaysia. Durians are best known for its distinctive smell that divides the people into two groups – durian lovers and durian haters. The unique flavour in durians is attributable to the presence of over 100 volatile compounds, including some that contribute […]

Spicy gene in your DNA

DNA is the blueprint that defined who you are. For example, behaviours, physical appearance and your special traits, such as your spicy gene determine your tolerance to spicy food. “Pain tastes like spices, it adds favours to life.” Uma Dhamija How does people senes the spicy flavour. Your nervous system controls spicy sensation. The system […]

The truth about Asthma and your genes

Scientists support the role of outdoor air pollutants and genes in acutely aggravating asthma diseases in children and adults.  There are many advantages of living in Kuala Lumpur. Above all, the delicious food and the convenient means for a living. On the contrary, the haze is the major drawback of living in the city. However, it’s […]

Are your genes making you fat?

Obesity is currently a major health concern, both globally and locally. This is because obesity is a risk factor of many non-communicable diseases. We all know that a poor diet and lifestyle can cause unhealthy weight gain. The question now is, do our genes play a role in controlling our weight too? Can I blame […]

Facts about FAT – what are they for?

You might be one of the people who runs away whenever you see the word ‘fat’ in any foods. They might have a bad reputation, but they are not useless for us – in fact, we need fat to survive! Fats have more functions than you think! 1. Source of Energy Fat is an important […]