Asian Flush – What is it? 🤔

Oh, I have Asian Flush, which means my liver is working fine! And I have good circulation!! These are the MYTHS that are circulating around all of us. Did you know that, about 50% of the Japanese, Korean, Northeastern Chinese individuals experience Asian Flush, aka Alcohol Flush Reaction, after drinking. What is Asian Flush? Asian […]

Sugar – all you need to know!

With the bubble milk tea hype going on in town, it is nothing new for us being advised on choosing low sugar levels. But how much do you know about this white, sweet substance that is often demonised? What is sugar? Sugar is a class of carbohydrates that has a natural sweet taste. They are […]

Diets: DASH vs Flexitarian vs Mediterranean vs MIND

In the previous article, we discussed 4 other diets which are slightly restrictive. Today, let’s talk about other types of diet available, that are more balanced. The 4 diets including the DASH Diet, Flexitarian Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and the MIND Diet contain all type of food and nutrients, but in different proportion. DASH Diet DASH […]

Diets: Atkins VS Ketogenic VS Paleo VS Vegan

There are different types of diet available with different functions. For example, the diet to lose weight, to improve health conditions, to improve brain health and others. A diet is a selection of food or drinks which we normally consumed. Continue reading to find out more on the diets available. Atkins Diet Atkins diet contains […]

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics may sound similar. Both plays a role in building up and maintaining the microbiota diversity in the human body. They help in the digestion process in our body. But do note that they are 2 completely different things. Prebiotics Prebiotics is the substrate/food that cannot be digested by the human body like […]

How can we support our human microbiome?

Human microbiome is known as the community of microbes which resides in/on the human body. The microbiome and their interactions with our body are crucial in maintaining our body health and wellness. So, what is affecting our human microbiome composition in our body? The answer is dietary and lifestyle changes! Dietary changes By consuming a […]