Appetite and your DNA

Why is it that some people struggle more than others to lose weight? Could this be because of your genetics? Let’s discover how your genes can control your appetite. What is appetite? It is the natural desire of an individual to eat and satisfy a body need, especially for food. Food is an important component […]

Precision Medicine – From Treatment to Prevention

The key to personlised medicine is precision in diagnosis Dr Sundardas D Annamalay, CEO Sundardas naturopathic clinic It was my pleasure to attend the Precision Medicine For Malaysia workshop on the 28th of November, 2019. Precision medicine is a dynamic field that integrates the latest research advances with clinical treatment. It aims to treat the […]

Digital Health – Treatment To Prevention​

Did you know that nowadays you can consult doctors online? You can also update your doctor about your health status through an app at your convenience! These are the foundation of digital health. What is digital health? Digital health, also known as e-health, is a growing industry that uses the convergence of technology and healthcare […]

How To Know You’re Getting Enough Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D, also called as ‘Sunshine Vitamin” because the skin will produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamins are typically defined as nutrient required but not readily synthesized by our body, hence, they are obtained through our diet. Nonetheless, every individual will have different levels of needs when it comes […]

10 Genes That Can Control Your Sports Performance

Sport. What actually is a sport? You actually may hear this word a lot but have you ever thought about its true definition? To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. Gene Tunny, American professional boxer.  The first thing that comes to your mind at the thought of “sports” is probably matches, scoring […]

Is your Learning Ability Determined by​ your DNA?

What is a learning ability? Learning ability defined as is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing behaviours, preferences, values, skils, or knowledge. Also known as the human mental ability to learn or retain new knowledge. Your genetics load the gun.Your life pulls the trigger. Dr. Mehmet Oz Mental ability presented through the smart behaviour of an […]

Myth & Fact About High Cholesterol

Myth: Fats are harmful for your heart. Fact: there are four main types of fats found in our foods and not all of the types are bad. Artificially made trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils, are the worst type of fat.Trans fats, found in many pastries and processed foods, which would increase the […]

Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Genetic testing was a wake-up call for me. It helped to motivate me to take my drug and give me confidence in my diagnosis of Familial hypercholesterolemia Kari (FH advocate for awareness) let’s understand what is Familial hypercholesterolemia Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) for short, is known as a genetic condition, that passed down through families. It can […]