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Sugar – all you need to know!

With the bubble milk tea hype going on in town, it is nothing new for us being advised on choosing low sugar levels. But how much do you know about this white, sweet substance that is often demonised? What is sugar? Sugar is a class of carbohydrates that has a natural sweet taste. They are […]

Why Are We Not As Hairy As Chewbacca?

What differentiates us from Chewbacca the Wookie? Other than the fact that Chewbacca is a fictional character, we might not have been that different from the Wookies. Long ago, before we evolved, some scientists theorised that humans used to have more hair on our body than we do now. Why do we have lesser hair […]

Will My DNA Mutate After Organ Transplant?

Are you still 100% you after receiving an organ transplant? In this day and age, the healthcare system has been advancing rapidly and organ transplants are becoming more common. We know that DNA can be found in all cells in our body and every cell in our body holds the same DNA. So the question […]

DIY DNA Extraction – Science Project At Home

Ever wondered how are DNA extracted? Well, here’s your chance to try DIY DNA extraction, in the comforts of your own home! We’ll guide you through step by step, and before you know it, you’ll extract, isolate and observe the DNA of strawberries. What you’ll need A clean clear glass 2 strawberries. Dishwashing liquid Table […]

DNA Day 2018 – Celebrating Genomics

The Human Genome Project began in 1990, aiming to map and sequence the whole structure of the human genome. In 25th April 2003, the Human Genome Project was declared completed. In April 2018, it marks the 15th anniversary of its completion. Whether you realize it or not, many parts of our daily lives are influenced […]

Understanding Genetics – What Is DNA?

Have you ever wondered what makes us grow into who we are today? Why is your hair black or brown or blonde? How can you be taller than your parents? Why do you have small hands? If you’ve wondered about these questions in your life, then we’re here to answer these questions today. There are […]