Personalizing skincare: an interview with pharmacist Hidayah

Written by Jia Yi Lee
Posted on July 31, 2019

We had an interview with Hidayah, a pharmacist who did the DNA test for skin traits with us. Here is what she thinks about the test and her results.

Give a short introduction about yourself and your job.

I am a pharmacist and a store manager at Farmasi Tigas Ekspres in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. I have been working with Berjaya Pharmacy Retail Sdn Bhd since 2017. As a cheerful person, I am always friendly to my customers. My vision as a pharmacist is to give my customers the best pharma care. Therefore, my appearance to customers plays a big role in providing the best customer service. As a working woman, I often unintentionally miss my skincare routine. Hence, having a good understanding of my skin allows me to maintain a good skin health with an individualized and specific approach. 

Did your DNA test results surprise you? Which was the most surprising result and why?

Yes, I was surprised by my results despite I would consider my skincare routine as an average one. My routine may be not good enough to maintain my skin as my results showed high risks in multiple traits. However, my results can actually help me to focus on a particular important element of skin care. It made me realise that my current skincare targets may not be the best for me. 

How do you think the DNA reports can help you make better choices in skin care when counselling customers with skin conditions? 

I often need to consult customers with skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis on medications to assist their condition. The reports help me to identify the vitamins and supplements that are more effective in improving their skin condition. The type of product that would be more beneficial to a specific individual and type of skin is also described in the reports. 

Is there an issue about skin care among Malaysians? Would you see DNA tests to play a role in educating the public on good skin care? 

In general, Malaysians still need to improve their knowledge on skin care, especially those who wears makeup daily for work. I believe DNA tests do play an important role in letting them to learn more about their skin and suitable products to be used.

Has your DNA test result led you to make changes in your lifestyle?

My DNA test definitely has impacted me to change my skincare routine and lifestyle. Now, I can focus on a skincare routine, supplements and food that are specifically tailored to my DNA. It has given me more confidence on skin care then before.

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