Be a Healthy Busy Mother!

Written by Yun Jun Ooi
Posted on May 13, 2019

Nowadays, there are lots of busy mothers who are working and taking care of their family full time. Work, families, friends are all pulling them in different directions. Mother plays a very crucial role in the family, workplace, EVERYWHERE!

If you are a busy mother, here are 6 tips to help you in optimizing your nutrition.

1.Balanced Diet For The Hormones

Hormones are crucial in maintaining women wellness. They affect the menstrual cycle, the body and the mind of women. Besides, women’s body and hormones change at different stages.

During different stages, different nutrients derived from foods and supplements taken are required to produce different types of hormone. Hence, eating a balanced diet is very important in maintaining the level of hormones during different stages of women’s life.

Example of balanced diet for busy mothers
2. Take Daily Multivitamins

Due to working mothers’ busy schedule, it is almost impossible for mothers to meet their RDI of all the micronutrients. Especially for those breastfeeding mother, the nutrients demand are higher. Hence, working mothers should always consume multivitamin daily to meet the nutritional needs for their own wellness.

On top of that, women should give special attention to these nutrients, as women require high amount of these nutrients for their wellbeing:

  • Calcium (for bone formation)
  • Iron (build up hemoglobin which carries Oxygen)
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B (Folate)

3. Eat an Adequate Amount of Protein

We can only obtain essential amino acid which is important to human health in maintaining muscle, bone and skin health from dietary protein.

Hence, adequate amount of protein is important especially to post-pregnancy mom, as muscle loss can occur due to hormonal change after the delivery. Breakfast incorporated with an adequate amount of lean protein is the best way for busy mom to start their day.

Example of clean protein, which undergo almost no processing method.
4. Eat More Good Fats

Fats are essential for hormonal, digestive and brain health. Fatty acids like Omega 3 are crucial for pregnancy and postpartum women. It helps in enhancing immunity, reducing inflammation, reducing mental health issues, losing weight.

Fun Facts: 60% of our brain is made of DHA – Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Pan-fried Salmon and Veggies on the side. Salmon contains high amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and is also an example of clean protein.
5. Reduce Your Coffee Intake

Most of the people begin their day by having a cup of coffee. It is understandable that some of us are relying on a shot of espresso to increase the alertness to start the day. Remember, everything in moderation is always good but not in an extreme amount.

Be mindful, ensure the coffee intake is minimal as caffeine may make us lethargic and also interfere with the absorption and excretion of minerals in our body.

A cup of coffee is the appropriate amount for certain people depending on their caffeine metabolism rate.
6. Pack On-The-Go Snacks

It is inconvenient for working mum to ensure they consume their healthy meals on time daily. The inconvenience has always lead to unhealthy snacking. Hence, always carry some fruit, protein bar or even nuts in the bag.

By having healthy snacks in the bag, they can help in ensuring your blood sugar is always at the optimum level, preventing women from overeating or unhealthy snacking.

Example of healthy On-the-Go Snacks (Walnut, Cashew, Dates)


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