Top 5 Fun Areas You Can Improve With Genomics

Written by John Yeo
Posted on March 11, 2019

Besides the conventional way where genomics is used in diagnosing disease and treating cancer, there are other slightly non-conventional ways where genomics is used for.

1. Understanding your ancestry

Ancestry is the biggest unconventional way how many people are utilizing genomic test. This is due to the fact that by using you genetic information, you can get insights about your ancestral origins and understand the history of your ancestry. Besides that, you can also identify your distant relatives based on your genetic information.

Vintage photo of grandfather and grandson
Ancestry testing tells us about the birthplace of our ancestors.

2. Eating the right diet

Besides getting the know where your great great grandparents came from, genomic test now also offers you the insights on what food you should take. This is because nutrition and diet can be very personalized when it comes to genomics. Companies are now offering genomic tests for you to understand your nutrition requirement as well as what sort of diet is suitable for you if you want to lose weight.

Different individuals are suited for different diets
All of us respond differently with different types of food because of our DNA.

3. Improve and enhance sports performances

While some of us are built for weights, some of us are built for running longer miles. The concept of personalized fitness training stems from the science behind different aptitude of athletes in different sports categories. Because of that, companies now offer genomic tests for you to discover which category of sports are you more suitable in and provides insight for you to match your training program with your body’s genetic makeup.

Some individuals are built for power while some others are built for distance
Workout the way your body is built for.

4. Know where your strength lies

Many people would blame the results of their exam or studies on genetics.

This is because it is common for people to say, “I am just not suited for studies because of my DNA”.

This has sparked interest in researchers to dwell into the field of genetics and its relationship with psychological conditions. Turns out, there are some correlation between genetic and how your brain works. Companies are now providing tests for you to check whether are you good in handling stress as well as whether are you a fast learner.

Your DNA can tell you where your strength lies
Have you ever wonder why some of your classmates learn faster in class?

5. Find out how much coffee you can drink 

Caffeine metabolism is related to how well your body digest and metabolize caffeine. This involves a series of enzymatic reactions that occurs in your body. Enzymes are basically a manifestation of genetic codes in your body and slight difference in these codes will result in a different enzyme structure. Thus, the difference in the enzyme structure gives rise to the difference in the physiological responses in caffeine metabolism. Some may be fast metabolizers for caffeine while others are slow metabolizers.

It simply means that if you are a fast metabolizer, your daily cup of coffee will not stay in your body for long after it is metabolized and excreted out of your body.

How much coffee can you actually take?
Caffeine sensitivity might link to increased risk of heart diseases.

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Disclaimer: Above articles are written based on limited knowledge of the author and with the interest to share some of his ideas. This article should not be deemed as a definitive statement.

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