How Much Calories Is In Your Chinese New Year Snacks?

Written by Yin Ying Wong
Posted on February 6, 2019

Before we dive into that never-ending loop of “Just one”, “One more”, “Last one” with that pineapple tart, here’s a guide on how much calories your traditional Chinese New Year snacks contain (Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia). We’ve ranked these snacks from the highest to lowest calorie content based on one serving size and one bowl of white rice for comparison.

According to the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines (2010), the recommended calorie intake for a sedentary adult (aged 18-59) is 2000kcal/day for male and 1500 kcal/day for women. So, how much extra calories are you taking in this Chinese New Year?

Don’t worry! We are not asking you to refrain yourself from all these Chinese New Year goodies (because we know how impossible that is)!

What can you do?

Instead, we are here to remind you that you can do something about the extra calories that you are consuming! Surely everyone knows that the answer would be to exercise. But how much exercise do you need to do to burn off what you’ve indulged in? Check out the guide below to find out which physical activity burns the most calories in one hour.
Note: These estimates are based on a 56.7kg individual. If you weigh more than 56.7kg, you’ll burn a slightly higher number of calories, and vice versa.

Our advice to you is to be mindful when snacking on your favourite festive snacks and remember to incorporate some physical activities in the midst of the celebration!
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