Eat Smart, Live Smart For A Better Lifestyle

Written by Yen Chi Loo
Posted on November 5, 2018

How to optimize your nutrition and improve your lifestyle?

Our first live webinar, titled “Eat Smart, Live Smart”, was organized in collaboration with Alpro Plus Pharmacy, on 18th Oct 2018 (Thurs) from 8.30pm to 9.30pm!

This webinar was hosted by Ms Chew Yen Ping, pharmacist and co-founder of Advanx Health, together with Mr Travis Foo, pharmacist and store manager of Alpro Plus Pharmacy (Bukit Jalil). The topic “Eat Smart, Live Smart” covered three main questions that we often ask ourselves: How can I optimize my nutrient intake? How can my genetics help in personalized my diet? How technology can help to improve my lifestyle?

If you missed our first webinar online, fear not! You can still watch the recorded version here. Or you can read a summarized article below, which will only require 3 minutes of reading time. Take a break from your busy routine and enjoy reading!

Eat Smart: How to optimize our nutrition?

There is no denying that Malaysia is a food haven. But at the same time, it is also ranked first among the South-East Asia countries for its high obesity rates.

When asking about how to eat healthier with all these delicious local foods around us, Travis admitted that it is quite impossible to cut down these foods completely. Hence, the key to achieving healthy eating is moderation! Here are some of the helpful tips on how to eat smart:

1. Have a healthy balanced diet most of the time.

Let’s go back to the basics. In every meal, ensure that you have a balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Also, don’t forget to have sufficient vegetables and fruits because they are important sources of vitamins and minerals!

2. You can enjoy your delicious meal once in a while.

It is actually ok to have your “cheat meal” once or twice in a month. Just make sure that you don’t overindulge!

3. Minimize the amount of soup you drink from soup-based noodles.

Asam Laksa, curry mee, and prawn mee are so nice to eat together with their soup! But sometimes, these soups can have high salt content without us aware about it. Hence, don’t finish the soup! Reduce the amount of soup that we drink can reduce our salt intake as well.

4. Have small and frequent meals.

Another way of eating smart is to have small and frequent meals. By having more frequent meals but with smaller portions, you can keep your blood sugar level stable and reduce stress on your stomach. You can also introduce healthy snacks in between your main meals!

5. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks.

Snacking is a habit that hard to kick off especially when you are having unhealthy snack like potato chips. Why not replace it with alternative healthy snacks? There are mixed fruits, nuts and seeds that are as yummy and can provide you with nutrients such as omega-3 and antioxidants!

6. Last but not least, remember to exercise.

Besides burning fat, exercise can removes toxins from our body and keeps our body active!

Travis also shared about the common problems that were faced by his customers. They often do not know what type of health supplements to take. He reminded us that each of us have different needs and different health supplement requirements. It is also important to combine health supplement intake with a healthy diet and consult a doctor if you are taking medication.

“Every one of us is slightly different; we have different needs as well…” – by Travis.

Even in hospitals, Travis mentioned that doctors and pharmacists provides personalized health care plan for every patient, especially in terms of dosage of medications and type of treatments. He agreed that each customer should be treated uniquely as they have their own specific needs.

So, what makes each of us different? What makes who you are today?

Then answer is your DNA, the blueprint of your life! Ping talked about how our body health can be affected by our genes and lifestyle. In fact, our DNA can tell us about our nutrient deficiency risks and sensitivities towards certain foods, hence help us to manage our diet more effectively!

Ping also shared about her own experience on doing genetic testing and found out that she has the tendency of not feeling full after eating a full meal (impaired satiety). She is also a slow caffeine metabolizer!

After knowing this, she has started to eat smart, she’s more aware of the amount of food that she ate and has tried to cut down on her coffee intake. To know more about how genetic testing can help in personalized your diet, click here.

“When you have knowledge, you have power…” – by Ping.

However, it doesn’t do us any good if you have knowledge without action. Ping said that as we combine our genetic risk factors with lifestyle risk factors, we can have a holistic picture of ourselves and thus, help us to make more informed decision to improve our overall health condition.

Travis also found this information helpful as genetic testing can help his customer to understand their body better, take action to prevent certain health condition and monitor their health.

Live smart: Besides genetic testing, what else technology can do to improve our life?

Technology had penetrated into different layers of our life and changed the way we communicate, study, work, play and live.

In terms of health monitoring, Travis talked about how blood pressure and blood glucose level monitoring tools brought convenience to his patients. Currently, the usage of apps is also incorporated into medical device for health monitoring. Besides that, there are also many interesting apps that had been used by them before, such as app that can monitor your diet, even your stress level and sleep cycle!

Before the end of the webinar, Travis said, “Eat healthy, stay healthy, and stay happy.”

Yes, there is no doubt that staying healthy and happy is the key to having a good quality of life. It boils down to the basic decisions that we make in our daily lives: What should we eat today? Have you made the right choices to eat smart and live smart?

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